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Looking for the Perfect Costume?


Parade Costume

About the Costume & Construction Details

This costume is worn at the end of the Phantom Menace with Amidala's Parade gown. Sabe (Keira Knightley) is next to Obi-Wan.

The Parade costume appears to have several layers. The underdress appears to be a slubby silk, possibly duipuoini in a very pale green. Over hat is gorgeous two tone irridescent gray/green and rose velvet cape. It appears to have a close fitting hood and be longer in back than front. It is lined in rose irridescent silk, possibly taffeta. Over this is a velvet tabard with Amidala's insignia on it. It goes over the shoulders and at the neckline, is piped in a pale color. OVer this goes another hood, that is pointed in front, piped, and lined.

We found a good match for the undersleeve fabric in the LA garment district. A few stores had it in varying colors. Here is a pic of it, taken by SisterSola.

We also found a good match for the lining, which is a green/watermelon pink color changing fabric. Joann Fabrics currently carriese a dupioni that is very close.

The Naboo/Amidala symbols on the tabard are devore Naboo symbols. To learn more about how to do devore, please read this article, which has info on using fiber etch for this purpose. You can get fiber etch here.

Reference Pics

Exhibit Photos

Click on the small image for a medium sized image. If there is a "Hi-res" text link below the small image, you can click on it for a hi-res image.

These are my exhibit photos:







This is Sister Sola's photo. She has more pics of this costume on this page.


These are Kay_dee's photos -please do not repost without her permission. There are more here.





This is Freya's pic:

These are Darth Manos' pics:

These are Jedi Racer's pics:

This picture is from the Kyoto exhibit.

Making of

There is a good match for the velvet on ebay here - it's a green/pink shot velvet, like the real one.

Here is Princess Dee's making of:

Underdress: This is just a simple long sleeve, a-line dress. I used McCallÕs 9172 pattern version A. All you need to do is fit it to you and lengthen the sleeves (I also inserted a zipper into the back seam). I used a Celedon Crepe for the front and back, and a matching Celedon Organza for the sleeves. To make the seam details down the sleeves, I simply sewed very small pleats (like pin tucking) across the fabric, then cut out the sleeves. Then just assemble the dress.

Poncho: I used McCallÕs 3033 capelet pattern. I started with version A, lengthening the front and back. The tabards are just long, narrow, pieces that come to a point at the bottom. I just used a yard stick and drew the shape I needed onto tissue, using the same neckline from the capelet. For the collar, I narrowed the one from version F by about half.

The hood was a bit more challenging. ItÕs hard to explain, and took me three trial version to get close. I started with a long rectangle. Then I curved between the center front and center back, this eliminates a point at the back of your head. Then I cut a long U from the center of the piece. The top of the U will be your shoulder, and the narrow pieces on either side will be the tapered parts on the front and back.

Fan Costumes

Cassandra did an amazing costume - you can see it here.

Denisa did it again! Such lovely doll costumes!

I got a photo of these two handmaidens at DragonCon 2005!

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