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Jedi Communicator

I made a Ep. I Jedi Communicator with a Gillette Ladies Sensor Excell Razor Handle. In case you didn't know - they did actually use a women's razor for the props used in the movie. The little metal doohickeys on the front are actually solder lugs. I couldn't find any so I cut mine out of plastic and painted them. It didn't work that great, but looks passible. The best part of mine are the antennae. You know those bookshelves that you buy in a box and screw together? You get these little brown plastic doohickeys that push into the holes inside the bookcase that you rest the shelves upon. Well, I had extras, and they worked perfectly for the center prong on the communicator. I just painted it gold. I took two nails and with pliers, clipped the sharp ends off and glued them on. All and all, it has a decent effect.

Here is a picture:

Deunan sent me an email, and I thought I'd post it:

The Jedi communicator prop uses the Shick WomenÕs Razor body that is no longer available commercially in many areas. Well, to address this and make a prop easier to modify, I am now resin casting the razor body for Jedi to make their own communicators from. ItÕs a raw cast of just the razor body and tines, just the razor as you would get it out of the package, except in resin. You can then add your bits and modify it to suit. Email for prices and availability, sablespot at

The Parts of Star Wars has a great page on making a communicator. Check it out.

Kai put together a brief tutorial on making a communicator - check it out:

Eric made a great communicator. Here is his description:

"I ended up making the attachments to the front and back myself out of a sheet of Brass. I did this by designing my comlink in MS paint to scale and printing it off to get the patterns that I cut out of the brass sheet. all the other parts are exactly what they look like and I bought at my local home improvement store. None of the pieces are glued on. all are screwed on all the way through the ladies razor. I put it all together to make sure everything fit before I painted it. "

"I then took it all apart, primed gray and painted flat black. I painted the side buttons silver by hand and the "knobs" on the front primed and painted red and blue. I put the whole thing together and then put on the clear coat to help seal it all together and keep the small screws from loosening up. I think it turned out great! The Sampler fits in the bottom of the comlink and I am still playing with it to get a look I like, but this is what I have so far."

Jedi Padawan Xeno Vi'katoi sent in a pic of his comlink and info on how he made it: I took the idea of your using nails as antennas, but I did it the other way round. Instead, I used the stumpy part of the nail and glued it on and chipped off the sharp parts with a wire cutter. Then, I bought a A4 sized sheet aluminum and cut out the parts that I wanted, then I cut them up and painted them. The parts you see at the back and the front are assorted washers I bought from ACE. Then, I used screws to tighten the parts up. You see the gold thing that is in between the antennas, I used a bicycle valve for that, I liked the look of it.

Here are making of photos of Audrey's Jedi communicator prop. They are here on her flickr account.

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