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Breha Organa

Concept Art

Reference Images


ScreenShots & Stills:

Behind the Scenes:

Exhibit Photos

This costume was on display at FIDM. Some observations. First, this costume, which didn't do much for me on screen, was one of my favorites in the exhibit. I thought it was absolutely lovely. The costume consists of an underskirt of a blue metallic brocade, a gray and slate blue brocade overdress which comes to a point in front and in back, which blue sleeves which match the underskirt. The "slices" of the sleeves actually have wire hand sewn on the inside of each piece to give it support. The silk chiffon scarf is printed with a black symbol, and there is a vintage tassel sewn on to the bottom of the scarf. There is a vintage pin at the neckline. Her hair is braids woven with a gold fabric.

Here are my pictures. Click on the small image for a medium sized image. If there is a "Hi-res" text link below the small image, you can click on it for a hi-res image.






These are Freya's amazing pics:

Kay_dee's pics. Please don't use without her permission.





These are Darth Manos' pics:

Making Of

Maria sent in a few thought on some of the commercial patterns: "The Simplicity pattern for Padmes peacock and brown dress, 4443, can also work for other costumes. Breha Organas costume is similar, minus the sleeves, and the fact that instead of the over layer being seperated hers is sewn straight down. The pattern would work as an outline for the dress. Also Queen Amidalas purple travel gown can use the pattern. There would have to be a few adjustments made but it would work very well. I am also making an Adi Gallia costume and realized that the headpiece in pattern Simplicity 4443 can be used, minus the "hair," for Adi Galias head piece. They are similar enough that with a few changes on the pattern it would work almost perfectly."

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