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Looking for the Perfect Costume?


Walking in Padme's Funeral procession are ten handmaidens. They wearing in four different robes. Two of these were used previously in Episode I.

One of these is the red velvet robe.

The 2nd is the black hooded costume.

Here are the 3rd and 4th looks. One is a red cloak. The last is a really interesting costume that has a velvet hooded cloak that in front has many little Amidala/Naboo symbols. Under the dark hooded cloak is an ombre dyed underdress. It was at the FIDM exhibit.

Several folks (Elana, Talia) have pointed out that this costume looks like one of the ones worn at Padme's funeral, just with a tabard added. More on that costume here.

Exhibit Pics

These are my pics:

These are Kaydee's pics. There are more here.





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